Aural hematoma steroid injection

I recently read about a new method of dealing with aural hematomas that offers an interesting first-line alternative to surgical repair. A veterinarian sedated the dog, drained the hematoma, flushed out the pocket to remove any remaining debris, and then injected the area with the corticosteroid methylprednisolone acetate. If the hematoma was still present a week later, the procedure was repeated. Any hematomas that had not resolved within 15 days of presentation were treated surgically. Eighteen of the nineteen dogs included in the study responded to this less traumatic method of treatment, although six had relapses within three months.

Many dog owners wonder what happens if a dog’s aural hematoma is left untreated. If your dog has an aural hematoma, it could be that you do not feel comfortable putting your dog through the surgery either because your dog is sick or old or perhaps you cannot afford the surgery. It could also be that you are simply hoping for a home treatment for dog aural hematoma or at least something you can do to reduce the swelling so your dog won’t need to anesthetized. So what’s the worse that can happen if your dog’s aural hematoma is left untreated? The answer is that unless you own a show dog,  the consequences aren’t as bad as thought. And for those who have been wondering, no, left untreated, a dog’s ear hematoma won’t explode or implode in a horror-movie fashion.

Are your dog's ears swollen, inflated, squishy, almost resembling a marshmallow? Has your dog been consistently shaking his head, scratching his ear and keeping his head tilted to the side? If you answered yes to any of the above, chances are high your dog may have developed an unsightly condition known as aural hematoma.
What is aural hemtoma? The technical term may be a bit intimidating, but "aural" simply means ear, while "hematoma" means "blood has accumulated inside the ear". If you look carefully at your dog's ears, you will likely see that the actual swollen part is the underlying surface of the pinna. Upon palpation most dogs will display a pain signal.

Aural hematoma steroid injection

aural hematoma steroid injection


aural hematoma steroid injectionaural hematoma steroid injectionaural hematoma steroid injectionaural hematoma steroid injection