Bell's palsy steroid dosing

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Roughly, from the studies, it seems that if you do not take steroids you have about a 15 in 20 chance of full recovery of the nerve function. But, if you take a steroid medicine, you have about a 17 in 20 chance of full recovery. So, taking a course of steroids does not guarantee full recovery of the nerve function. However, it increases the chance of full recovery compared to no treatment. You should start the course of steroids as soon as possible after the onset of symptoms; ideally, within 72 hours of symptoms starting. They may not have much effect if they are taken after this.

Caveats: The authors point out the "marginally significant" heterogeneity (. variation in results) of these trials (P = , I 2 = 55%), but note that two trials showed larger improvements than others, while all trials showed a benefit There was also a smaller benefit seen in trials with more subjects that started the steroids 48 hours or more after symptom onset.

Also, in other literature on steroids harms have been identified. While they are not identified in this review they certainly exist, though they are likely minor compared to the benefits of treatment. Finally, an optimal dosage of steroids that may provide the largest benefit while exposing patients to the lowest risk has not been identified.

Bell's palsy steroid dosing

bell's palsy steroid dosing


bell's palsy steroid dosingbell's palsy steroid dosingbell's palsy steroid dosingbell's palsy steroid dosingbell's palsy steroid dosing