Building muscle fast without steroids

hey guys, im not sure if i am meeting the gain expectation. im 19, mesomorph and have been working out for nearly a year now. my aim was to get bulk. i was 141lbs now i am 161lbs (thats 20lbs gain). im eating a lot and consistently throughout the day. i can see that i have gone leaner, i gained a little bit of height too. but i dont believe i am as big as some friends that have started later than me. they are the same age and body type, but i see they have better body shape.
i dont take any protein powders or anything, just bought whey protein yesterday actually. i just thought maybe that is the case? that im not meeting my caloric/ protein intake, but i checked my caloric intake, and its around 3500 calories a day (no fast or junk food at all, all veggies and meat and all that healthy stuff)
so in general, is 20lbs gain in one year good, as in meeting the expectations or not. (i know that not all that is lean muscle, but i can tell its close, cause my body fat hasnt changed much)
thank you

Eat often. Eat little portions throughout the day: a modest breakfast, a little midmorning snack, a modest lunch, a little midafternoon snack, and a little dinner. What’s nice about this method is that you don’t necessarily have to eat much less than you were eating before. The primary benefit of small, frequent meals: keeping insulin stabilized at lower levels in the bloodstream. Remember, the less insulin produced, the less fat stored and the more fat that’s free to be burned. Now, check out the Single Best Way to Stay Fit For Life .

Building muscle fast without steroids

building muscle fast without steroids


building muscle fast without steroidsbuilding muscle fast without steroidsbuilding muscle fast without steroidsbuilding muscle fast without steroidsbuilding muscle fast without steroids