Can i reuse syringes for steroids

Ask your vet what to do if you think you made a mistake on an injection.  Usually, it is not safe to try to guess how much insulin was injected, and most owners do not try to give a replacement shot.  They wait until the next shot and give the usual dose. Missing one shot is not the end of the world.  The pet's blood glucose may be high for a few hours, but that is much safer than guessing at a second injection and giving too much insulin.

Miscellaneous injection tips

  • Site rotation.  It is important to give each injection in a little different spot on the body.  Most owners are advised to stay on the same general area of the body, like the scruff or on the side behind the shoulder. This is because different sites of the body may absorb insulin faster than others. But don't inject in the exact same spot every time.  Moving the injection site a little bit helps prevent skin irritation and scar formation.  Ask your vet to show you places on your pet that are good to give injections. Each pet is different and a good area for one pet may be a very sensitive area for another pet.
  • After the injection you may notice that a tiny bit of the insulin has "leaked" back out from under the skin. Human diabetics and owners of diabetic pets have reported this. This is normal (but uncommon), and should not be a problem. Ask your vet about this if you are concerned that your pet is not getting the full dose.
  • If you are not sure that you are giving the injection correctly, or if your pet seems to be in a lot of discomfort during the injection, be sure to ask your vet for advice. 
A little Light Heartedness
Read "Shoot Me Tender" Bobbi's humorous song about giving a comfortable injection. It might be what you need on one of those days when your pet is telling you "ouch". Syringe Reuse Poll
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Can i reuse syringes for steroids

can i reuse syringes for steroids


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