Khalipa steroids

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Beating the Drug Test part II/b]
Anabolics represent 1/9 categories on the official WADA list – the various hGH and IGF related peptides, like the highly potent ones listed above, are not in that category. Neither are masking agents. Hence, Drug Free Sport doesn’t test for masking agents or peptides. Plus, you get a minimum of several hours of warning before you’re expected to piss in a cup (more than enough time for a masking agent, etc). And they don’t test for anything outside the actual list of anabolics. So right here, we’ve given you the formula to beat them- either use a masking agent to hide whatever steroids you feel like using, or stick to peptides, or anabolic steroids that aren’t on the list (or share metabolites with those which are), and of course stuff like fast acting testosterone, which they’re not going to be able to detect at all, nor has anyone, ever, been able to.

Khalipa steroids

khalipa steroids


khalipa steroidskhalipa steroidskhalipa steroidskhalipa steroidskhalipa steroids