Low 17 ketosteroids

      Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), is produced from the precursor steroid 17-alpha-hydroxypregnenolone in the liver and less so in other steroid-producing tissue. DHEA can then form:

Oral intake of cissus quadrangularis (petroleum ether extract of the stem; % yield) in a rat model mimicking menopause (ovarectomized rats) at a dose of 500mg/kg for ninety days is able to fully prevent losses of bone strength and prevent up to 86% of the losses in bone thickness; [38] cissus quadrangularis showed comparable efficacy to /kg of the SERM known as raloxifene, and while this study is duplciated in Medline [39] the design has been replicated where a month of cissus quadrangularis supplementation (500mg/kg petroleum ether extract) was comparable in efficacy 25mg/kg raloxifene in ovarectomized rats. [40]

Low 17 ketosteroids

low 17 ketosteroids


low 17 ketosteroidslow 17 ketosteroidslow 17 ketosteroidslow 17 ketosteroidslow 17 ketosteroids