Post cycle treatment after steroids

Contact the American Lung Association (1-800-LUNGUSA) for information on other possible causes of dyspnea. Depending on its source, a doctor may prescribe a steroidal or anti-anxiety medication, supplements, oxygen, or special exercises . The Lung Cancer Alliance has a very helpful video demonstration of breathing techniques to relieve dyspnea. Progressive relaxation, meditation, and guided imagery can all help reduce stress and anxiety. Cancer Care has several Connect Education Workshops that address stress management in cancer survivors including Fear of Recurrence and Late Effects: Living with Uncertainty and Managing the Stress of Survivorship .

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I am 32 yrs old trying to conceive for 6 months now. Maybe a year now I have been having irregular periods. They have been light (almost not there, just a panty liner) bright red and no tissue/lining or clotting and very mild cramps on the first, second day. I have tried the company progesterone cream and this past cycle bought the fertility cleanse. I felt great on the cleanse and thought it would make my period regular. No luck after the cleanse it is still light bright and red. What should I do next to get a regular period and conceive a healthy pregnancy soon? Readings from the site I might be estrogen deficient. I take Maca and Vitex for about a month and a half now.

Post cycle treatment after steroids

post cycle treatment after steroids


post cycle treatment after steroidspost cycle treatment after steroidspost cycle treatment after steroidspost cycle treatment after steroidspost cycle treatment after steroids