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Perhaps he would be more appreciated if he relaxed a little and was more open, less guarded. I ask, in a spirit of journalistic mischief, why he has declined to talk about his personal life. “Look, I don’t think the… I don’t think the public has got better at interpreting who people in the entertainment world are from reading about them. When people start getting too personal, it feeds into the idea that…” Another sentence goes unfinished. “I would like people to go out and see my film, because I worked hard on that, so you want to talk about enough to draw people in, but to step too far beyond that.” Again, a full stop. “If nothing else, you would leave the room and I would go off to the bathroom, look in the mirror and say: 'Oh what a silly man I am looking at.’ ”

PENN:  And very soon after that and a couple of days into that we had found that the place we'd put up our tents which was just in a yard of a house that had been destroyed was very close to what turned out to be the biggest internally displaced camp in all of Haiti at that time which eventually swelled to 60,000 people in one camp.  So we went and lived in that camp and one thing led to another, I wasn’t satisfied with the way that NGOs were working in general.  The United Nations itself had taken an extraordinary hit, 100 people killed, some of their best people, the people that knew the groundwork.  So things were extremely chaotic.  And I've often thought that why we had a… 

Sean penn the gunman steroids

sean penn the gunman steroids


sean penn the gunman steroidssean penn the gunman steroidssean penn the gunman steroidssean penn the gunman steroidssean penn the gunman steroids