Steroid nasal spray cause anxiety

Last month, I had severe nasal polyps in my right nostril that I could easily touch it with my fingers. I visited 3 doctors one after another all of whom insisted that I underwent the operation for there is no other way to get it out at such an advanced stage. Since they are all ENT surgeons whose income primarily depended on the operation, I took their advice with a pinch of salt and started reading several articles on the Internet when I stumbled upon your website that eventually led me to purchase your ebook. Reading your book gave me the confidence that polyps can be gotten rid of without an operation.
I followed the recommendations in the book, whilst also using Nasonex spray in parallel. Two weeks later, I could see the polyp shrinking and completely disappearing over the next 3-4 days.

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Steroid nasal spray cause anxiety

steroid nasal spray cause anxiety


steroid nasal spray cause anxietysteroid nasal spray cause anxietysteroid nasal spray cause anxietysteroid nasal spray cause anxietysteroid nasal spray cause anxiety