Steroids 101 ebook

Of course, the people participating in the online forums are seeking to help fellow Floxies, to commiserate and to participate in a support group.  It is not their fault that my anxiety levels increased when viewing their sites and/or support groups.  After all, most people on those sites are trying to be helpful and supportive.  However, the net result of participating in the forums for Floxies is that my anxiety levels increased and my health declined while I was on those sites.  I am healthier and happier not participating in the online “support groups” than I was while I did participate in those groups.  Of course, this is my experience only.  Many people find solace in the Floxie community and if it helps you, great!

“Dear Linda, I am a 25 year old male grad student living in Brooklyn New York.  I ran across your blog and purchased your Juice Feasting book and have just finished a 10 day Feast.  I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what this has done for me.  For 4 years I have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis.  With this feast I have been off all the meds that I have taken and have had no flare ups.  This feast has given me a whole new outcome on life.  I have been able to introduce fruits and vegetables that  I have not been able to eat for years and just feel great.  Thank you so much!” -Nic

Steroids 101 ebook

steroids 101 ebook


steroids 101 ebooksteroids 101 ebooksteroids 101 ebooksteroids 101 ebooksteroids 101 ebook