Synthol steroid in india

2) Muscle Destruction – There’s a great deal of damage that can happen when injecting Synthol into your muscles. One major thing is that you can permanently destroy the muscle itself by injection too much oil into the muscle too fast and causing it to essentially explode. You can also destroy the muscle by depriving it of oxygen.  Synthol makes it very difficult for oxygen and other nutrients to get to the muscle—if this continues for a long time, it can result in muscles that simply wither away into nothing, essentially defeating the whole purpose of using Synthol to begin with. Yet another thing that might occur is damage the nerves in your arm, resulting in lack of movement or weakness in that particular spot—accidents during injection are very common amongst users, so beware!

An article in the Hindustan Times states "A male star who started the trend of taking his shirt off in films and a younger star who flaunted his rippling muscles in a double role in a recent hit film also rely heavily on steroids............ Model-actor and former Mr India Aryan Vaid says, "I know of 'trainers' of mega stars who don't know a thing about fitness. All they know is which steroids are legal so they can pump them into their clients. Most of the knowledge they have is off the Internet. But, they do good business because they have big names as their clients, some of whom pay these trainers as much as Rs 1 lakh a month for getting them perfect bodies. I've seen actors and models take injections to bulk up even before photo shoots... they don't realise what it's doing to their body.". In the same article, Satya Chaurasia, the fitness trainer whose clients include Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan , and he clarified that none of his clients have ever used steroids. "It's a common practice in Bollywood to take anabolic steroids to bulk up fast for photo sessions or shoots. I don't recommend them because I know the consequences." [6] Actor John Abraham responding to allegations that his face looked "puffy" from steroid use stated that he used "No steroids" and used protein and multivitamins. [7] Model Upen Patel also refutes ever taking steroids, and states that he was always athletic. [8] Most recently there have been allegations about Aamir Khan and his gain in muscle for the film Dangal . [9]

Groups on the internet, such as the SS forums, have probably left untold amounts of guys disappointed with how they've looked after 3-12 months. Meanwhile, the "bro" who goes to the gym and does curls, bench, shoulders and a few chin-ups and leg presses totally blows the SS "student" out of the water, getting bigger arms, shoulders, pecs and upper back without that much weight gain. Thus trashing the SS mantra of people being unable to induce significant localised hypertrophy, which skinny fat guys benefit from aesthetically.

Synthol steroid in india

synthol steroid in india


synthol steroid in indiasynthol steroid in indiasynthol steroid in indiasynthol steroid in india