Tobradex ointment steroid

hi ive had a sty on my lower eyelid for about 6 days now, and it still hasnt gone away even though alot of websites say three to four days. but i found alot of remedies in an app, and most of them were not online but a few that i tried worked at decreasing the swelling, instead of my whole lid being swollen and puffy, its reduced to a bumb and should be alot easier when it finaly does pop. the tricks i used that were most helpful in order:

2,brew hot water; like half a cup and put a tea bag in it so its a concetrated mixture and let it sit and cool down, then dip a cotton ball in it and then let the ball sit on your eye for like ten minuits
a fresh garlic colve, and cut it in half and place it on eye

First thank your for this site!
Hi Janis,
We have almost an identical story… except our dog is not a shitzu, but a terrier mix. Also about 10-11 years old. Has diabetes for maybe a 3-4 months. Insulin doesn’t seem to be working. It works sometimes but other times her values are over 400. Then within a week or two developed cataracts in both eyes. Then one eye got glaucoma overnight. We had that eye removed and giving drops in her other eye. Within a week the eye has glaucoma. She is on pain meds now, and has good and bad days.
It sort of seems that being on pain meds helps with the diabetes values though, but not always. Same for you?
Has your dog then lost weight as well and not gaining any back? Ours has last weight but is somewhat stabilized now. She still has a very good appetite.

Tobramycin/dexamethasone ( INNs , trade name Tobradex , Tobrason in Jordan [1] ) is a prescription medication in the form of eye drops and eye ointment , marketed by Alcon . The active ingredients are tobramycin % (an antibiotic ) and dexamethasone % (a corticosteroid ). It is prescribed for a wide spectrum of bacterial eye infections. Tobradex can also be used to clear or contract styes that are also found in the eye. It is prescribed for the treatment of pink eye in combination with bacterial infections. Because it contains a steroid, careful use with gradual reduction of doses is required.

Tobradex ointment steroid

tobradex ointment steroid


tobradex ointment steroidtobradex ointment steroidtobradex ointment steroidtobradex ointment steroidtobradex ointment steroid