Ufc steroids 2013

Buccaneers +3300 to +15000: No need to tiptoe around it, Jameis Winston is a bust — he’s certainly no Peyton Manning! He and the team were expected to take a big step forward this season, but they’re moving backward in a crowded NFC South. Most notably for Tampa is that they’re getting killed on the road where they’re 0-4. They’ve given up 30 or more points in each of those four games and are allowing a league-worst yards per game on the road. The Bucs were a popular sleeper bet entering the season, but they appear to be in a season-long coma.  

Of course no IS blog entry would be done without steroid use accusations.  Looking at the fight, it doesn’t seem like Cung Le is on a steroid cycle right now, but it it likely and possible he was using some short half life anabolic steroids like Anavar or Winstrol during his training.  He doesn’t have the human growth hormone (HGH) gut or look, so that’s something we are ruling out.  On the other hand, Frank Shamrock looked very slow, just like his brother Ken Shamrock.  Ken Shamrock uses steroids on a regular basis, that’s the claim Frank makes as to his low confidence.  However, we saw a very weak and non-confident Frank Shamrock in the fight today.   Is it possible that Frank Shamrock was weak because he had to get off his steroid cycle in order not to test positive for anabolic steroids during the testing.  It does seem like he was still using human growth hormone (HGH) but he was probably off his testosterone propionate with anavar.

"Under the Athletics Control Act, all professional boxing, kick-boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) events and participants are licensed by the Athletics Commissioner. Promoters and fighters must meet the requirements set out in the legislation and its regulation in order to be licensed or issued a permit. [Note: Fighters from outside Ontario will be issued a permit to fight in a particular event; Ontario fighters are licensed for a year.]

"The Athletics Control Act does not require testing for illegal drugs and/or performance enhancing substances. If a promoter includes a requirement for drug/substance testing in its contract with the fighters, they can request that the Commissioner administer those tests.  However, it would be up to the promoter to determine what would satisfy that contractual requirement or if an exemption should be made for certain treatments. The Commission has no role to play in such decisions. Questions about test results for drugs or performance enhancing substances for fighters in a particular event should therefore be directed to the promoter."

Ufc steroids 2013

ufc steroids 2013


ufc steroids 2013ufc steroids 2013ufc steroids 2013ufc steroids 2013ufc steroids 2013